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Boomvang is more than your standard beard growing musician from Toronto, he’s a multidisciplinary artist known for design, writing, acting and even webcomics.

His music has described as “take alternative rock, infuse it with post-rock guitars, and then smack it’s face in with a synthesizer.” Think We Were Promised Jetpacks meets Explosions in the Sky via The Naked and Famous… but, you know, with a much shorter name.


  • Aeronautics CDs Now in Stock!

    Looky! Looky! If you want to grab a CD of Aeronautics, the store is now open and accepting orders! Check it out and grab your copy today! Only $10! We also have t-shirts in stock a...

  • Boomvang: The Course Correction

    Not as much a course correction as a re-examination of my plans for my music. Boomvang was created because my name was already taken by another musician and I didn’t want to ...

  • Random Bits and Pieces

    This was a very good week for the live rig! You may not know but Boomvang was created with the intention of being able to play solo or with a full band. Partially, this is because ...

  • Updates and Other Insanities

    Trying a bit of an experiment and updating once a week, letting you guys know what’s going on. I just released my first EP “Aeronautics” last month but that doesn...

  • New EP “Aeronautics” Released!

    This one was a long time coming but the first EP from Boomvang has finally landed! It’s called Aeronautics and was born from a time when I moved across the country on a bus w...

  • Wanderlust Released!

    Boomvang’s new single “Wanderlust” has just dropped....


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