Random Bits and Pieces

This was a very good week for the live rig! You may not know but Boomvang was created with the intention of being able to play solo or with a full band. Partially, this is because I’m crazy and love a good challenge and partially due to financial restrictions.

The way it works is that a lot of the music I write depends on looped musical motifs that weave in and out and come together. You can definitely hear that on the Aeronautics EP. A simple looping pedal does not work (trust me, I tried) so I’ve been heavily dependent on Ableton Live 10, designing a solution to make complex loops using software.

But here’s the rub: it’s really complex and I have to be careful about CPU processing power. The rig has changed incrementally and I’ve had to make decisions about the music and how to achieve certain goals. Should I use guitar pedals or go fully software based? How about amplifiers? What elements can I strip from the live show?

I’m happy to say that most of these questions have been answered and I’ve almost worked out all the kinks! My usual practice went very smoothly and now it looks like I just need to refine some things. It’s still an ongoing process but I’ll keep you up to date.